Lollipops Strathpine Booking

UNLIMITED PLAY Creating a booking allows you to arrive and depart at any time on the date you have booked for.

NOTE: Your booking guarantees your entry into our facility and that the number of persons within the facility will not exceed the maximum number of visitors as part of our industry Covid-Safe plan.

Your booking does not guarantee that there will be tables available during peak busy periods. Should there not be a table available for your visit you're still welcome to come in and play, and you're also welcome to decide to postpone your visit for another day.


We are legally required to collect and record the following information for all visitors to our facility during the COVID-19 restricted trading period.

Should we be informed by Queensland Health that someone who has visited us has tested positive for COVID-19 we are legally obligated to provide this information to Queensland Health for contact tracing purposes.

Persons who do not provide the minimum required information will be unable to enter.

We cannot and will not use this information for any other purpose. All collected data will be deleted / destroyed within 56 days of your visit as required by the Queensland Health guidelines.